Leader’s Speak

Mati-Gati has taken a leap forward

Education in India needs new technology. Mati-Gati has taken a leap forward by providing an adaptive learning system for Indian students. Advanced analytics has the potential to change the shape of education and learning. While IT was the first step in education reform, intelligent learning opens up a new dimension altogether.

Dr. Sanjoy Ghose


About Dr. Sanjoy Ghose

Dr. Ghose is a management Guru. He is a Prof. at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He is one of the leaders in research on advanced predictive modeling and online media. He is an alumnus of Carnegie-Mellon University, and IIT-Kharagpur

Indian Students have the Right to World Class Education

I congratulate Mati-Gati for introducing adaptive learning in India. Our students have the right to world class education. We need innovations in education technology to make quality education reach the masses. Magi-Gati is the right step in that direction. 

Nitin Agwarwal


About Nitin Agarwal

Mr. Agarwal is a scientist at DRDO, India. He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur.