What is Mati-Gati?

Mati-Gati is an adaptive learning system which customizes the curriculum according to individual needs. Its intelligent engine has an evaluation and time management system which monitors the learning path for each individual. Apart from detailed feedback on one’s strong and weak areas, Mati-Gati provides unique practice content to each individual based on his/her educational base and learning pace. The feedback not only directs you to practice a particular topic but prepares a unique list of practice questions just for you. The system updates the practices questions real time, after every attempted question.

How is Mati-Gati learning different from Traditional Learning?

Each individual is different due its education base, situation case, and learning pace. With Mati-Gati’s intelligent learning engine each individual gets a chance to maximize its ability to its full potential with optimum efficiency. In a tradition learning environments the source of knowledge is static, that is, one for all. This learning system does not do justice to individual needs and thus is not very efficient.

How is Mati-Gati different from Question Bank books?

Mati-Gati has a vast collection of practice questions. Mati-Gati learning module continuously evaluates you and presents the questions in a customized order. The study adapts to individual’s ability and learning pace:
• Every user practices unique set of questions

• Topics that are tough for you - Starts with basic concepts gradually moving to tougher concepts
• Topics that are easy for you - Quick revision of the basics and focus more on tougher concepts
It also keeps track and stores your progress level. In the case of question bank books unnecessary time is wasted from going page to page.

How is Mati-Gati different from other electronic (CD/Online) products?

Mati-Gati learning is not just a question bank where questions appear in a random order. The
study adapts to individual’s ability and learning pace. Every user practices unique set of questions. See answer to question 3.

What if I am not regular?

Mati-Gati keeps track of your learning path and stores your progress level and preparation deadline (exam date). Mati-Gati evaluates you each time you solve a question. So even if you come after a gap with increased or decreased preparation level, Mati-Gati is able to configure the learning path and you will be able to start afresh or jump to another level. If required you may revised your exam date.

What are the different learning environments in Mati-Gati?

There are two different learning environments in Mati-Gati. Study: Mati-Gati way of learning, where each individual has his/her own learning paths and practice customized set of questions. Here you can monitor your progress at an overall course level or at subject/chapter level. Test: Pre-planned and Timed sessions, Subject tests and overall mock tests to evaluate one’s preparation level. Apart from monitoring development in different tests you are also compared
with your peers.

Does Mati-Gati measure individual performance and provide progress reports?

Yes, Mati-Gati continuously measures individual performance and provides progress reports at different levels – course/subject/chapter. Although, there is a cutting edge technology behind the intelligent learning engine, Mati-Gati provides easy to understand visual guidance throughout the progress. Apart from self evaluation, you also get percentile reports (peer comparison).

Does Mati-Gati help in time management and plan future course of study?

Yes, based on your progress and exam deadline, Mati-Gati helps you to plan your study by different chapters and subject areas to best utilize the time.

I have a huge collection of exam books, can Mati-Gati still benefit me?

Yes, Mati-Gati can help you look past the pile of books and focus on customized material selected just for you.

I go to coaching class, can Mati-Gati still benefit me?

Yes, Mati-Gati provides an intelligent way to practice and test your preparation. Although Mati-
Gati material is comprehensive it could also be used to optimize and prioritize any other source
of learning.

How comprehensive is Mati-Gati?

Mati-Gati has a large collection of questions with solutions and explanations. It also has mock tests to help you practice in an exam mode and compare your performance with peers. Please refer to individual course features for list of topics, number of practice questions and mock tests.

How do I purchase Mati-Gati?

We provide different payments options: 1) Demand Draft (DD); 2) Direct Transfer; 3) Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash Card, Mobile Payments

For more information see "How to Purchase" or contact us at: 8805016780 / 8805016781 or email us at mati-gati@trusanga.com 

What do I purchase?

After making your payment, you will be given access to the Mati-Gati Learning System online. You will have an access to the online system for the purchased subscription time. 

What is the pricing for Mati-Gati?

We take great pride in saying that our product is unique and offer distinct features – the intelligent engine behind the adaptive learning system, large collection of quality questions with solutions and explanations, adapted to updated syllabus and exam pattern. It is also our greatest ambition to reach out to more and more exam aspirants. Thus we have priced our product very reasonably. The price ranges from Rs. 1,000/- to 3,000 for different courses.
Please see individual course features for pricing. The Price listed is a one time payment only.

Do I need a Computer?

Yes, you will need computer to access the course material and the adaptive learning software. Since all the learning material is in electronic format, you will need a computer to study.

Still did not get your answer, email us at mati-gati@trusanga.com or call us at 8805016781 / 8805016780